Welcome to Nino’s, London Shirtmakers

Nino’s was established in 1993 by Nino Santoro (that’s me), son of the well-known London tailor Franco Santoro. After almost 20 years in Quadrant Arcade on Regent Street, the business moved just two minutes away around the corner to Soho’s Brewer Street.

Bespoke Suits

We enjoy combining simple ideas with stunning fabrics, linings and buttons. Each shirt should give the comfort & confidence of wearing something that makes a statement. Once you have experienced owning a Nino’s suit or shirt you rarely look back.

I find it fascinating to add my modern vision with a twist to the traditional craftsmanship of an old school tailor such as my father who has been on the London scene for over  50 years.


I started putting shirts together for fun and was soon recognized as someone giving character to the shirt industry that was seen as too classic even for a simple going out shirt. After a few years selling shirts I gradually found myself being recommended by many other shops and department stores where people were asking for “something different” . I was overwhelmed by how many knew me and this  gave me a push to better my creations even more over all aspects. You can recognize a Nino’s shirt from a distance with it’s original combinations, cuffs, features and attention to detail.

Bespoke Shirts

Our shirts are of unique taste, design and quality in addition to the stunning fabrics from the worlds best fabric manufacturers. We only make ready to wear and bespoke shirts in a single needle stitch which is the highest quality to make a shirt. Every client that orders a bespoke shirt, has its own pattern made and is saved in our data base till every individual might ask for amendments to the style or measurements.

When It All Began

I remember going to work with my father on most Saturday mornings in the late 70’s as a child in the Heart of Theatreland (Soho). He always carried his flask of “latte macchiato” which he shared with me over a full English breakfast from the café across the street. I loved going with him and remember being spoilt by some of the other tailors in the same building – one in particular would always buy  me my favorite strawberry tart from “Cappuccetto patisserie” – it’s good to see it’s still there!!

I sat in my father’s workshop playing and listening to the football commentaries and always looked in amazement as he started weaving his magic. There was nothing or nobody that he couldn’t tailor for –  whether it was a laying a hard wearing British tonic mohair or a very fine Yorkshire wool on his worktop for people ranging from very conservative English Gents to young flamboyant Mods! I miss those days very much, call me sentimental but I loved them.

And not only because of the clothes conscious people I’d meet. There were other ‘attractions’ in the heart of Soho. Once in a while my sister Angelica would come along and take me to the sweet shop and tell me not to look left or right because of the sex shops… I laughed as I said : ” where do you want me to look? They are everywhere”

A little later I went back to Italy and stayed for a few years to learn about the backbone of the trade. But Soho still called to me and  I decided to come back to London to make my own way in the high-end design business. My father asked me if I wanted this quaint little shop in the Quadrant Arcade on Regent street, which I did. We threw in a few bolts of fabric, put in some units and Nino’s of London was born….four ever bigger premises and twenty-two years later, I am back in Soho where all the fond memories began.

Nino's Bespoke Shirts